Q: Can I pick up my rental from you or can you deliver it to me? How much does Delivery Cost?

A: We are pleased to offer all of our customers FREE delivery and pick­up to your Hotel, Motel, Resort, Condo, Vacation Villa/Home, Timeshare or Theme Park Property.


Q: Where do I pick up my Rental when I arrive at my hotel?

A: Depending on where you are staying while in the Orlando Area, your rental will either be waiting at bell services or a meet­-and-­greet with one of our friendly staff will be arranged prior to your arrival.


Q: Where do I return my Rental at the end of my vacation?

A: Please return your rental to the same location in which you picked it up. If a meet-and-greet was arranged, please notify us at least 24 hours prior to your departure time so we may meet you to retrieve your items. A $50 retrieval fee will be charged for all equipment left in hotel rooms.


Q: Can I cancel my reservation?

A: Yes, please contact us at least 7 days prior to your arrival to assure no fees will be assessed.


Q: Will I be charged a deposit for the rental equipment?

A: No, however you accept all responsibility for damages beyond normal wear and tear during the rental period. We do however offer Damage Waiver Insurance.


Q: What is Damage Waiver Insurance?

A: Damage Waiver Insurance is an Insurance policy we offer that absolves you of any responsibility for damage beyond normal wear and tear excluding total loss. Just explain what happened when you return the item and we will take it from there!


Q: What happens if my unit breaks down while I’m in the parks?

A: Call us and we will attempt to troubleshoot the problem over the phone to determine if it’s operator’s or mechanical error. If the unit is "INOPERABLE" and cannot be moved, we will arrange a time and place to bring you a replacement unit.


Q: How long will my unit last before I will have to recharge my battery?

A: The average battery life is 10 Miles which equates to 7 to 8 Hours of continued use. We recommend taking your battery charger with you to the parks and re­charge where available if you plan on staying all day. The battery charger fits easily in the seat back pouch or in the front basket.

NOTE: Do NOT leave your unit charging in a non- designated area while you ride an attraction or see a show. Theme Park Security will remove the unit and you will be liable for complete loss of the unit.


Q: How do I know the battery is fully charged and ready to go?

A: You may charge your unit every night regardless of use. Please check the indicator lights on the charging unit and confirm the charge level by removing the charger and turning the key to the "ON" position.


Q: Do all of the units break down and fit in my Uber/Car/Van?

A: If you plan on transporting the unit yourself, the Go-Go 3 and 4 Wheel as well as the Victory 10 should fit most Vans. We recommend sticking to the 3 or 4 wheel if using a standard, mid-size or compact car.


Q: Can I find the same or similar unit somewhere else cheaper?

A: Our fleet is comprised of the newest and best rental brands around. Our products are identical to our competitors but at a more affordable price. We encourage you to shop around, but we doubt you will find a better price anywhere!

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